Compared to Google – Microsoft is More Afraid of Open Source!


Jakarta – Although Google is one of the competitive threats to Microsoft, the bigger fear Microsoft faces lies in open source.

At least that’s what Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie said at the Sanford C. Bernstein Strategic Decisions conference held in New York.

According to Ozzie, although Google is a very strong competitor, open-source is considered a more disruptive threat to Microsoft’s business model. Open-source programmers are considered to have more power in the software market.

So, why is open source considered a bigger threat to Microsoft? There are two reasons put forward by Ozzie, as quoted by detikINET from Cnet, Thursday (29/5/2008). First, open-source has a strong foundation in dealing with Microsoft. Google, Yahoo, Facebook are among its ‘kids’ open source, and they are Microsoft’s biggest competitors as well.

Second, the presence of open source changes the way consumers perceive the value of software, to the US $ 0 or free. However, Ozzie stated that the presence of open source made Microsoft a stronger company. Like it or not, Microsoft has to make changes to its business model, one of which is making software that is compatible with open source products.

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