FREE Email Service from Nokia to Retain Customers

Aware of the increasingly tight competition conditions for mobile phones in Indonesia, the world’s largest handset vendor, Nokia has launched its newest move, the Ovi Mail service. This service tries to present several advantages, especially consumers can create and use e-mail accounts directly from their cell phones.

The Ovi Mail service was launched due to the increasing number of Nokia customers in emerging markets such as Indonesia, who prefer to be connected to the internet directly via mobile phones rather than PCs. Unmitigated based on Nokia’s internal research, the number reaches half of their consumers.

“Ovi Mail is useful for novice e-mail users because it can be accessed directly via their cellphone without needing a PC anymore,” said Trisnawan Tjipto, Program Manager of Nokia Indonesia during a press conference at Bale Raos, Yogyakarta.

Ovi Mail can be used across all Nokia devices with the S40 platform which is often adopted in low-priced Nokia phones. The launch of Ovi Mail for this emerging market was carried out simultaneously in various countries including the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Ovi Mail is expected to facilitate public access to the digital world, for example in rural areas. This service is available free of charge to users of compatible Nokia mobile phones.

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