How To Delete Windows XP Update Backups Easily

Did you know that every time Windows performs security updates (patches) or security fixes on the system it will always create backup files in a folder, the folder has the name “$ NtUninstall …” and is written in blue color.

Do you feel that the backup file reduces space for your other more valuable and important files?

Windows XP Update Remover is a free application specially designed to remove backup files from Windows updates. Why do you have to use a special application? Because the backup files are referenced by a link in the registry so they become difficult to delete. It can be manually deleted folders and registry that are related, but this is not easy for ordinary people to do.

This application apart from being able to delete backup files easily and safely, also has the ability to remove updates to the system that cause new problems or destabilize the system after you install it. Using this application is quite easy, when running it will automatically check the list of updates on your computer along with detailed information about each update, then to remove the backup folder, select an update and click the Remove backup folder button. Meanwhile, to remove updates that have been done on the system, click Uninstall update.

This 587 KB application can only run on the Windows XP operating system.


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