Latest Version of NVIDIA Quadro Immediately Greets Video Editor

World-class graphics company NVIDIA introduces the first integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) based platform for the broadcast industry. This card is claimed to be the fastest in its class.

The NVIDIA Quadro Digital Video Pipeline – the name of the graphics card – provides a direct path for image processing for GPU input and output, enabling professional broadcasters to get high-quality images and rich colors in a real-time format.

NVIDIA Quadro Digital Video Pipeline also offers real-time capture and transcode of HD video formats (high Definition) on internet streaming services.

With this Quadro Pipeline, users can take advantage of the full power of the GPU to take over CPU performance.

“With the quality of broadcast graphics that are broadcast in real-time, this system will certainly bring a lot of progress in the field of live broadcast streaming,” said Paul Lacombe, President of BrainstormAmerica.

The following are the features of the Quadro Digital Video Pipeline:

  • Quadro SDI Capture Card: allows streaming video “uncompressed” directly to Quadro SDI with GPU memory. Support SMPTE standard formats (3G, 2K, HD, and SD).
  • Quadro SDI Output Card: offers an integrated graphic-to-video solution. Display 2D and 3D effects in a real-time format.
  • Quadro FX professional GPU solutions: offer the features of the CUDA architecture, the next generation of Open GL, and DirectX 10.
  • Quadro Digital Video pipeline SDK: allows the presence of new plugins that support the development of the broadcasting industry.

Jeff Brown, GM Professional Solutions NVIDIA said, “In the next 2 years we will see a big change for the broadcast industry. In the future, many broadcast communities will take advantage of this technology.”

NVIDIA Quadro Digital Video Pipeline will hit the market in August 2009 with a price tag of US $ 5,000 to the US $ 8,000.

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