(Macbook Draw) Apple Macbook Mini Prototype Made Of Wood

Apple’s Netbook photos circulating on the internet are not digital engineering. It is a real object, believe it or not, made of wood.

Yes, the ‘Apple Netbook’ aka Macbook Mini, which was busy decorating the MacRumors forum, is not the result of digital engineering as was previously thought. It was a real object made of wood.

Indeed it is not an electronic device, let alone a real Macbook from Apple. It was the work of design student Kyle Buckner. Kyle’s work is made of wood and illustrated in pencil.

But what is amazing is that Kyle created a work entitled ‘Macbook Draw’ complete with a hinge that allows the work to be opened like a laptop. All the buttons, trackpad and even the monitor and icons on the Mac desktop he drew in pencil.

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