Robotics Education in School – Turn Toys into Tools

Robotics Education in School

The existence of robots is no longer considered a toy. Even in teaching and learning environments, these mobile machines are able to pump up students’ enthusiasm for learning.

So, one of the players in this educational toy industry is Lego. Not only want to just sell, Lego emphasizes that it also has an educational mission in selling its products.

“Yes, the Lego Education or Lego Mikrobot packages shift people’s purchasing patterns of our products. From toys to tools. From toys to useful devices,” said Bambang Rusli, Managing Director of CV Pelopor Inovasi as the sole distributor of Lego Mikrobots in Indonesia.

The emergence of awareness among schools and parents of students about educational tools that are attractive, interactive, but that does not reduce the weight of the lessons in them, is also the cause of the increasing demand for robots in schools. On the other hand, students today prefer entertainment devices.

Robotics Education in School, Turn Toys into Tools

“Students today tend to like something that is entertaining. With robots, basically students learn the language, physics, mathematics, computer programming, mechanics and even music can also be learned from here. This makes them feel more at home while studying,” he explained at the ITB campus.

However, the school’s desire to bring these robots to their students is certainly hindered by cliché reasons, namely cost. As a result, only schools that have abundant financial support can taste the robot.

Seeing this hard-to-avoid phenomenon, Lego would have to rack his brains. They are also willing to make an installment package program for schools that want to develop robotics but have limited funds.

“The demand for Lego Mikrobot devices is increasing along with the increasing popularity of robotics in Indonesia. In fact, he claims that the sales of these educational devices are currently higher than the sales of Lego kits in the form of pure toys,” concluded Bambang

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