Want To Compete With Google – Microsoft Launches Bing

Microsoft finally launched a new move to subvert Google’s dominance in the internet search field, namely the Bing search engine. The software giant hopes that the multi-million dollar Bing can sink Google.

Bing plans to already be used worldwide next week. The launch of Bing coincided with the trend in the world of online search where service providers try to present information according to consumer desires.

Bing, released by the Chief Executive of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, will replace MSN Live Search, which has failed to compete. Analyst Matt Rossof from Microsoft’s Directions On firm also thinks Bing is better than MSN Live, but doesn’t seem to outperform Google.

“Microsoft wants to give you more information without having to click on too many sites. I really like it but it will not make me switch from Google completely,” said Rossof.

Meanwhile, according to Forrester’s analysis, Bing has the potential to devour Yahoo’s market share and not Google because people are so used to using Google

Among other things, Bing aims to make online shopping easier, help people make certain decisions and also design trips that provide complete information. For example, users who use Bing to shop online will automatically be provided with product reviews of their interest.

Another feature that is a mainstay is ‘BestMatch’ to identify answers that are considered to be closest to the desired information. Meanwhile, ‘Quick Tabs’ will appear automatically in Bing search results to provide complete information about a topic.

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