Xbox 360 Will also Take Advantage of The Motion Sensor Controller

Sjang Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is getting closer, hot gossip about the new and sophisticated technology that will be introduced is getting louder and louder. This time, it’s Microsoft’s turn to show off their latest controller at this prestigious event.

The motion sensor owned by Microsoft is arguably the most sophisticated when compared to its competitors. They no longer use the usual gamepad, but instead use a camera to detect body movements.

If this is the case then playing the game will be more interesting, imagine our bodies controlling the characters in the game. For example, when playing a boxing game, the player only needs to compete like a boxer to play the game.

Microsoft reportedly will use a camera made by Zcam, namely 3DV’s ZCam, a camera specifically designed to be able to recognize gestures and signal them into the game.

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