American Airlines Phone Number – Most Popular FAQs

American Airlines Phone Number

1. How do I contact American Airlines?

  • To further data, while the United States, please reach American Airlines either American Eagle through 800-433-7300.
  • If help does want in Spanish, you may phone 800-633-3711.

2. What does some report locator number to American Airlines?

Finding this but is because your number (they do recycle), there exist a few steps to do that:
  • Call American Airlines reservations number and ask them;
  • locate one from your emails of this airline compared on the specific flight (confirmation, check-in reminder, etc.) wherever these record locator should arrive;
  • hunt around for your boarding pass either paper or electronic (don’t forget your phone);
  • check your daily flyer account to recognize if this links through something by that record locator.
This document locator quantity does just 6 digits, albeit 6 alphanumerics (caps only), therefore there exist just around 2 billion unionsRemember, the systems grow behind in several computer periods while numbers continued high.

3. How do you print your boarding pass?

Customers have an online web check-in window of 24 hours after till 1-hour ere flight departure to national flights approximately 24 hours up to 2 hours ere flight leaving during worldwide flights. Those boarding tickets requirements exist printed ere appearing by the airport.

4. What is the record locator for a flight?

  • An airline report locator exists one 6 letter-digit key code done to find also classify your airline ticket.
  • Every valid reservation confirmed by the airlines will have an airline’s record locator.

5. Where is the ticket number on American Airlines?

  • The 001 is already provided to the left of the box if American Airlines is selected as the airline flown.
  • Open this 3-digit airline code introducing the ticket number if every different airline does choose.
  • On an e-ticket receipt, the airline code and ticket number are located at the bottom centre of the receipt.
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