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American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs – If you are thinking of becoming a flight attendant, don’t get me wrong by applying for a US airline or hiring a US airline. All the information required to apply here has been shared with you.

American Airlines Inc. is ready to recruit 1,400 flight attendants including flight attendants and flight attendants for the needs of international flights.

American Airlines is an important employee of American Airlines. Its job is to ensure the happiness and safety of passengers on national airports and international flights in America. American Airlines Flight Attendant Recruitment Notice has been published. An American Airlines flight attendant has many obligations on an airplane.

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There are a number of conditions that must be met when you want to be a successful flight attendant. When you become a flight attendant, you can take many advantages, from traveling the world for free, tasting culinary delights from various regions of the archipelago and abroad, to relatively large incomes.

In this Airlines job Post, Our Airlines Specialist will explain to you about the American Airlines Flight Attendant Careers opportunity. What you should know in this post about the American Airlines Flight Attendant Recruitment Process. And you should know about the American Airlines flight attendant recruitment process.

How do You apply for American Airlines flight attendant jobs?

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The U.S. American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs Careers – United Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs

Many people are looking for requirements to become an American Airlines flight attendant because they want to work in one of the airlines as a flight attendant. Maybe you are already familiar with this type of work. The definition of a flight attendant or in a foreign language called a flight attendant is a public transport staff tasked with serving passengers so that during the trip you feel comfortable and not bored.

Yes, that’s right, flight attendants aren’t just on flights. But other public transportation such as boats and trains also have flight attendants. However, flight attendants are often known as staff for airlines. Being a flight attendant is not easy.

Today, through this post, our team will try to give you better and more accurate information about the flight attendant job of American Airlines in the United States.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs (Openings Information)

Airlines American Airlines
Position Flight Attendant Jobs
Salary in New York $55,000 per year
Vacancies Not Mention
Qualification Secondary School & Graduate
Last Date Ongoing
Location New York

American Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements – General Requirements to Become an American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs

There are requirements to become a flight attendant that must be met. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter and be registered as a flight attendant.

If you meet the requirements, you also have to go through a lot of tests. From these tests, you will find good seeds to become flight attendants and must attend education for some time. Therefore, those of you who want to work for airlines don’t underestimate the requirements to become a flight attendant. Start preparing from now on.

If not now, then when? Wait until you’ve finished school? Cannot. If you already have the intention to enter the world of aviation as a flight attendant, prepare the requirements to become a flight attendant as well as possible. Here are some conditions that you must know and prepare.

Gender Man / Woman
Age Min – Max 18 – 25 Years
Minimum height For Women 160cm
Minimum Height For Men 170cm
Minimum Education SMA/SMK/MA Equivalent
Physically & Mentally Healthy
Don’t Have Tattoo
Drug Free
Color Not Blind
Relationship Single
Speaking Fluent in English

Why is it necessary to be a flight attendant?

Because the task of a flight attendant is heavy and is responsible for the comfort, security, and service of airline passengers.

American Airlines Flight attendant Jobs salary

A flight attendant in the USA is a very sought-after job. Airlines receive roughly 10-50 applications per flight attendant seat.

So how much do flight attendants earn in America?

According to, the US flight attendant salary range is 20-45 USD per hour, with an average of 35 USD.


  • 12% of low-paid people earn about USD 25,000 per year.
  • The average salary of flight attendants per year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, is 44,500 USD.
  • 12% of top-flight attendants receive over USD 100,000 per year.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training

This is a good thing if you give the interview and get selected for the American Airlines Flight Attendant training after giving the interview.

This Flight attendant training can take less than 2 weeks or up to 6 months, depending on the airline.

Most of the preparations take place in the flight preparation focus of the aircraft and are necessary for FAA confirmation.

During this Flight Attendant training, you will need to learn many safety rules and regulations. You can fail for most reasons such as picking incorrectly, failing exams, or smiling the wrong way.

You need to know how to operate the electronic equipment, fill out the required reports and complete your responsibilities on the airplane.

Now I guess you have got American Airlines Flight Attendant Jobs information. If you want anything more related then you may view our blog home page that is American Airlines Flight Status.

In this post we discussed American airlines flight attendant careers, if you have any queries regarding American airline careers flight attendant then you may post them below in the comments and we’ll try to solve them as soon as possible.

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