BING is Predicted To Beat Yahoo in The Near Future

Yahoo may respond casually to its competition from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. However, it seems that Yahoo should be vigilant. Analysts estimate that Bing has the potential to beat Yahoo in some time to come.

Even though it was only launched for a week, Bing’s market share soon changed dramatically. This indicates that Bing is ready to beat Yahoo.

A report released from the research institute StatCounter revealed that Bing’s market share in the week after its launch was at 16.3 percent. This figure exceeds Yahoo, which has a stake of 10.2 percent.

Even so, of course, Bing is still far behind if it wants to challenge Google. The king of cyberspace still occupies number one with a market share percentage of 71.5 percent.

StatCounter is not the only agency that discloses data that Bing will slowly beat Yahoo. Another survey agency, Net Application, said Bing’s market share jumped by 6 percent in just a few hours after its launch.

However, the charts published by Net Applications indicate that Yahoo and Google shares will not be affected by the launch of Bing.

Some time ago, Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz had said that the incessant promotion of Bing in a short time would have no effect on market changes.

The statement also seems to be aimed at commenting on the marketing strategy undertaken by Microsoft to boost Bing’s popularity. According to the news, the company owned by Bill Gates has prepared millions of dollars for the promotion of Bing on a large scale.

Even Bartz joked that Yahoo would take it easy on Microsoft’s competition. “They will not succeed with Bing. Microsoft will only gain temporary traction,” said Bartz.

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