GAME Teach You How To Solve Conflict Peacefully

Baltimore – Violent games may still be the choice of gamers. However, the presence of a game that teaches peace seems to be an antidote in the midst of games featuring this brutal action.

Reported by detikINET from Examiner, a game that aims to teach children how to deal with conflict in a peaceful way without hurting others was created by a professor at the University of Maryland.

“Violating and killing people is not an excuse for pleasure. Violent games will make a person immune to violence,” said Melanie Killen, a professor from College Park.

The computer game is called ‘Cool School: Where Peace Rules’ which is available free of charge on the internet. In this game, children are invited to explore a world full of color. To win the game, players are required to provide solutions to various types of conflicts without having to fistfights.

For example, students who are scrambling to play musical instruments. The player must choose the available options to finish the fight, if the choice is correct then the player will get a prize of letters so that they can arrange the alphabet and win the game.

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