Google Offers Different Search Methods In Its new Search Engine

Competition for internet search engines is getting tougher. As the king of cyberspace, Google will not remain silent if its position is threatened by new challenges. This has spurred Google to continue to innovate, one of its newest innovations is Google Squared.

This search engine is still under development. Unlike the conventional Google search engine, Google Squared no longer presents a list of links to various sites as a result of its search. Google realizes that search results like this are gradually being less effective and are starting to be displaced by newcomers to the world of search engines.

To answer that need, Google Squared presents search result information that comes from questions in a spreadsheet called ‘square’.

Google Squared users can then build, modify, and refine their queries via web search.

“Unlike the current Google search engine, Google Squared does not find web pages on the topic you are looking for. Instead Squared will automatically retrieve and organize all information and facts across internet links,” said a Google spokesman explaining the product preview.

Google also claims Squared will be very useful when users want to do a lot of searches to find the information they want.

“Basically Squared searches the site to find the type of information that might be of interest to you, then digs and presents it so it’s easier to understand,” said the spokesperson. (AFP / okezone)

Want to try, access Google Squared at:

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