Microsoft Dedicates Kumo Search Engine To Compete With Google

Microsoft Dedicates Kumo Search Engine To Compete With Google

Over the past two months, Microsoft has conducted a series of tests for its updated Kumo search engine. However, some changes to the updated Kumo design are still limited to public testing.

Test participant Ryan Rea said he found Live Search search results looked like standard Kumo screenshots.

Rea said he was only able to get Kumo’s search results when using Live Search with Internet Explorer 8 on a computer running Windows 7.

Using the same set-up, Rea still got standard search results. According to information from Microsoft the results on the Rea search page are part of Microsoft’s ongoing testing.

“We’re always working to update Live Search capabilities for both consumers and advertisers,” said the software creator.

“As part of that effort, we regularly run tests on a specific set of features. This is one of the very limited participant-involved tests,” he added.

Microsoft is currently preparing to launch Kumo as a new search engine technology re-branding package. Even so, Kumo’s name is still a matter of debate.

Kumo, is expected to not only bring changes to the search engine made by Microsoft. With the various additions to new capabilities that have been implanted, Microsoft hopes Kumo will be able to enliven the search engine technology.

This software is quite competitive with other search systems. Based on data from Nielsen Online, In this market Microsoft has a share of approximately 10.3 percent for the American market, while Yahoo is 15.8 percent. Meanwhile, the highest position is still occupied by Google, which has a market share of 64.2 percent.

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