Microsoft Develops 3 Dimension TECHNOLOGY for Its Xbox

Now it’s not the time to play games by relying on hands as controllers. The development of three-dimensional game technology from Microsoft replaces the need for hand controllers with the player’s body movements.

Microsoft Develops 3 Dimension Technology For It’s Xbox

Xbox 360, which is scheduled to be launched next month, uses a game drive system that relies on the player’s body movements. This three-dimensional game makes it easy for players to drive virtual cars or play soccer by simply moving their limbs properly and according to the game.

A Microsoft spokesman gave an example, a shooting game player can fire a shot by simply pulling the trigger of an imaginary gun connected to the game’s drive system.

The Xbox 360 control machine uses infrared rays to monitor the player’s body movements and synchronizes the game play in three dimensions.

It seems that this cutting-edge gaming device is designed to tackle the dominance of the Nintendo Wii in the world gaming market.

The system was developed by Israeli game development company 3DV Systems. Microsoft then interested in buying it and embedding it on the xbox 360.

Previously, the Nintendo Wii has also made a breakthrough with the player’s body movement technology when controlling the game. However, their technology only relies on controlling sensitive movements using their hands or feet.

Sony’s Eye Toy can also detect the player’s body movements in two dimensions. But Microsoft is trying to suspend itself as the first to launch a game technology system in three-dimensional form.

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