MobRacer, a Free 3D Racing Online Game

Trippet Labs (, a game development company based in Menlo Park, CA, has recently released MobRacer, an online game, namely a 3D social racing game, on MobRacer users who have registered have reached 70,000 since the launch of the game, and now it’s also sped up with the release of, a version of MobRacer that can be played via Facebook.


While the real world becomes the main hangout, MobRacer is a browser-based 3D racing game that is integrated with social networking and community features that allow users to play and share with their friends.

Players compete against each other in exciting 3D races through challenging levels, using turbo, jumping, and pitted driving skills to win. After racing cars, players can also view each other’s profiles, chat with their friends, collect awards for their achievements, and form racing teams to compete in groups.

Users can also shop to select hundreds of 3D modules that can be used to change the appearance of their cars and characters or draw stickers for a completely unique look that will show up on their profile as well as in the races they are participating in.

The most interesting thing is that MobRacer is a game that is completely FREE to play, and you don’t need to download anything, so you can log in and play from wherever you are either via the web or Facebook.


Like other web products, this game will be developed gradually. Planned upgrades that the company has announced to the community include new levels, weapons that users can use to compete while they are racing, migration to new social platforms such as MySpace and Friendster, as well as games for the iPhone. Many interesting things will be done here. (source:

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