Windows 7 Will Be Released In Late October This Year 2020

Microsoft has confirmed the replacement operating system for Windows Vista, which is named Windows 7 will be released on 22 October.

Actually Windows 7 is planned to be released early next year, but last month Microsoft confirmed that this product will hit the market if it can be released as soon as possible.

The presence of this operating system is a major event for the world of computers. It is no secret that 90 percent of computer users in the world use Windows as their computer operating system.

This is certainly an important strategy for Microsoft. Understandably, half of the profits borne by this computer technology giant comes from marketing the operating system unit.

The release of Windows 7 is also part of an effort to win back the public’s trust after Windows Vista was not sold in the market since its launch in 2007.

Vista is considered failing to meet the needs of computer users because it is not compatible with some low-power devices and is too difficult to operate.

Microsoft said that as an effort to introduce Windows 7 to the public, it will offer Windows 7 code so that it can run on new computing devices.

So, that after its launch, consumers will be able to buy a new computer with Windows 7 installed on it. Or consumers can also install new software on their old computers.

Microsoft promises to provide technical warranty guarantees, to all consumers who update versions of Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7.

But until now, Microsoft has not provided further information about the price range for this new operating system.

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